Firestone and Tyhurst have done Plaintiff’s work throughout their career. Catherine has taken civil cases against the Government of British Columbia for damages caused by wrongful and abusive conduct. Peter has been Plaintiff’s  and Defence counsel in Defamation cases.

Peter has also been Plaintiff’s counsel in slip and fall case (Occupier Liability legislation), house insurance cases and cases for professional negligence. We will defend people sued in cases where they have no insurance coverage and must defend the case themselves.

Peter has a history of labour law and has done both Union and Non Union work. We will sue for wrongful dismissal in a non union context. Traditionally we will not take cases in Small Claims jurisdiction but we will point you in the right direction if your case falls within the monetary limit of Small Claims. If this is a union problem speak to your shop steward as you no right to independent counsel if you are involved in the grievance process.

We do not act for Insurance Companies. Before consulting us in this area check to see if you have legal coverage in a pre existing insurance policy. You may be presently surprised what your car insurance, home insurance or tenants package may actually cover. One of the benefits of Insurance is it usually includes the coverage of the legal costs involved but then the Insurance Company chooses who your lawyer will be and it will not be us. Peter Firestone